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SCHULE AN DER ALTMÜHL | Sonderpädagogisches  Förderzentrum Eichstätt| Germany

Project „Under the same sky“
The project idea is to understand that we all live “under the same sky” and this knowledge   could be a solution to the current problems in Europe.  One requirement for the acceptance of other countries is to get knowledge of the different European countries with their specific customs, traditions, religions and mentalities. Through the involvement of partners from different corners of Europe with various religions, traditions and customs, the students and the teacher will be opened for future challenges. The project emphasizes the active participation of the students in learning and allowing interaction between pupils and between teachers of different countries. Students` and teachers` meetings take place in order to get to know and understand the school partners in a better way. The project provides to promote a European dimension in education by encouraging teachers` and students` mobility and school partnership.

GERMANY: SCHULE AN DER ALTMÜHL | Förderzentrum Eichstätt
The school is situated in Eichstätt, a district town in Bavaria, near Ingolstadt and 100km to Munich. The school is a general institution for handicapped students with difficulties by learning and articulation. Starting with preparatory classes at an age of 5 years and ending  the school at an age of  16/17. Students in classes for articulation mostly leave to regular secondary schools. The school is very active in international projects and has been awarded in several eTwinning projects. The students realize that there is a need to learn a common language,  that they are a part of Europe and ICT is a great help for communications.  They like to learn more about other European countries, their traditions and culture. SFZ Eichstätt stands for a multicultural society and the key for that is culture. They want to share their Bavarian culture, their way of thinking and their surroundings.





Verstermarskolen is a municipal school in Svendborg  on the island of Funen in Denmark. The school has primary and lower secondary classes. There are 350 students. The school is public and open to all pupils in the area. The school offers special departments for pupils with various learning difficulties. In 2014 the school school has started a so-called international class, which is involved in European educational programmes.





La Mojonera Secondary School | Spain

La Mojonera Secondary School is located in the southwest of the province Almeria. About 50% of the 650 students are immigrants from the northern part of Africa, but there are also students whose families come from Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Pakistan and Argentina. Many families earn their living in farming. The school focuses the main attention to reduce school failure and to improve the climate of cooperation among the students. The contact with teachers and institutions from other European countries increases modernization and internationalization.



04_bae17_ist_davinci1200wIstituto Tecnico Economico L.Da Vinci

Istituto Tecnico Economico L.Da Vinciis situated in the region  Campania  in the south of Italy, 30 km far from Naples. The school works in very difficult social and economic context. There are 600 students in three different courses: administration, finance and marketing, tourism and international relations for marketing. Three foreign languages are taught : English, French and Spanish.




Scoala Gimnaziala Halmeu | Romania

Halmeu Junior High School is located in the north west of Romania, neighboring the Hungarian and the Ukranian border. The school offers primary and secondary level of education to the children of the area. There are 550 students and 100 preschoolers. The background of the students` families is characterized by ethnic, social and cultural variety. They are Romanian(59%),

Hungarian(38%) and Roma(4%).  45% of the population works in the agriculture. It is a principle of the school  to offer the students the contact with other European cultures and civilizations and to open wide gates to the European knowledge.



Sehit Hüseyin Basaran Ortaokulu | Turkey

Sehit Hüseyin Basaran is a secondary school which is located in UNYE, a city if 120 000 inhabitants. The school offers primary and secondary education to the children of this area. The city has a long historical tradition. There are 250 students at school. As the school is geographically situated in a very isolated area, there are a lot of disadvantages for the students. Earning incomes generally come from agriculture, the service sector and building industry.  The school focuses on helping pupils who have special social, cultural conditions and special needs. The aim is to motivate pupils to learn and improve their competences and to offer intercultural education by recognizing each other better.

Bilder am Eis 2017 | So schön kann Eis sein!

Teilnehmer 2017 / Participants 2017

Volksschule West Spittal an der Drau
Volksschule Ost Spittal an der Drau
Volksschule Baldramsdorf
Volksschule Dellach/Drau
Volksschule Radenthein
Sonderschule für Kinder mit erhöhtem Förderbedarf Villach
Volksschule Lind ob Velden
Volksschule Hörzendorf
Volksschule Maria Gail Villach
Kindergarten St. Kanzian

Neue Musikmittelschule Seeboden
Neue Mittelschule Greifenburg
Neue Mittelschule Dellach/Drau – Europaschule
Neue Musikmittelschule Hermagor
Neue Mittelschule 3 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee – Hasnerschule
Neue Mittelschule Bleiburg
Neue Mittelschule St. Veit an der Glan
Bildungszentrum Lesachtal

Fachberufsschule Spittal/Drau
BG Porcia Spittal an der Drau
Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Architektur Spiel Raum Kärnten
Fachhochschule Kärnten Spittal
HLW Hermagor

IST Da Vinci, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italien
Scoala Gimnazialia Halmeu, Rumänien
Sehit Hüseyin Basaran Ortaokulu, Türkei
Ies La Mojonera, Spanien
Vestermarkskolen, Dänemark
Sonderpädagogisches  Förderzentrum Eichstätt /   SCHULE AN DER ALTMÜHL, Deutschland

OŠ Blaža Arnica Luce Podružnica Solcava Slowenien
OŠ Šencur Slowenien
Jüri Gümnaasium, Estland
GPChE “Aleko Konstantinov”, Bulgarien
OŠ Orehek Kranj, Slowenien
OŠ Matije Valjavca Preddvor, Slowenien
OŠ Franja goloba Prevalje, Slowenien

Kulturinitiative Via Julia  Augusta
Maria Sinzig, Künstlerin
Gudrun und Gloria Kargl, Künstlerinnen
Stefan Ferm, Künstler

„So schön kann Eis sein!“
Vernissage: Sonntag, 29. Jänner 2017, ab 13.00 Uhr

Die Ausstellung dauert, so lange das Eis hält.

BILDER AM EIS gibt jungen Kreativen die Möglichkeit ihre Arbeiten öffentlich im Kontext der Galerie am Eis des Weißensees zu präsentieren. Ob Projekte, Grafiken, Malereien, Zeichnungen, Collagen, Fotos etc., die Initiative BILDER AM EIS unterstützt Kreative und Kunstsschaffende und bietet ihnen die einzigartige Möglichkeit am Eis des Weißensees ihre Arbeiten zu zeigen.